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Embrace Your Love of Dance

Combination Classes

Perfect for your 3-6 yr old dancer!

Our combination classes are a PERFECT way to introduce dance to your little dancer! Beginning at age 3, we offer Acrobatics and a Ballet/Tap combination class.

Dancers ages 5 and 6 have the option of taking combination classes in Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Jazz but we also offer Hip Hop and Acrobatics for this age group as well.

During these classes, your dancer will learn 1st-5th positions, basic rhythm and musicality, and isolations.

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Ballet & Pointe

Essential Foundation

Ballet is the often referred to as the, "foundation of dance." While this is very true, we believe that ballet is more than just the foundation. It is what connects the dancer, movement, and muscular awareness. Ballet also teaches coordination, poise, grace, and musicality. We highly recommend that every dancer is enrolled in our ballet program as it has been proven to improve comprehension, execution of technique, and movement quality in every style of dance. It is why we offer ballet beginning at age 3!



Gives you all the feels...

Lyrical, like all styles, has it's technical roots laid in ballet. In most lyrical pieces, you can see how similar lyrical is to ballet in terms of choreography as well. While ballet uses classical music to dance to, lyrical uses pop ballads, singer/songwriter, etc music. Lyrical is a great introductory style for younger kids as most children will recognize the music they are dancing to. It is highly encouraged and recommended by our professionals to also take ballet to help solidify lyrical technique.

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Exploration of Movement

Contemporary allows dancers to explore movement "outside the box." While there is still technique used from ballet, contemporary is movement inspired by the artist's interpretation of the music. We offer contemporary to dancers beginning at age 7.



"And All That Jazz!"

Jazz is faster paced dancing to pop music that really gets a dancer moving. A lot of dancers enjoy jazz as it is faster tempo and they can get sassy! While dancers still use their ballet technique, they also dive into isolations of the body, movement exploration, and much more! We offer introductory jazz class in our combination classes for 5 and 6 year olds. Beginning at 7 years old, we offer a separate jazz class.



Getting Dancers Upside Down

Acrobatics or Acro is a style that incorporates dance, the use of props, and controlled as well as power "tricks." At the beginner levels, acro looks similar to the floor even of gymnastics. However, once your acrobat/dancer progresses, there is a difference in technique that separates the two. Acro can be seen on several tv shows like, SYTYCD and also in Cirque Du Soleil. We offer acro beginning at age 3!

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Hip Hop

Get Low

Hip Hop combines fundamental dance techniques with urban elements to create an entirely new style of dance that is fun and relevant. We use the most upbeat and age-appropriate music to create exciting hip-hop dance classes for kids beginning at age 5. Dancers will work on isolations, body waves along with elements of popping, and locking. Our hip-hop classes are fast-paced and follow a high-energy structure. Hip Hop encourages individuality as students learn to put their own personality into each move



"Step in Time"

From classical to rhythm tap, we offer tap beginning at age 3. Tap is an excellent way to not only create movement to music but to create your own sound that is uniquely you. Tap also helps with musicality and finding the "pocket" in the music. Each class is structured with a rhythmic warm up, across the floor, centre, and choreography.


Boys Only Class

Dance is for Boys Too

Combining athleticism and artistry, our Boys Only classes are perfect for beginner to advanced young males ages 5 and older. Each class offers both hip hop and tap. Dancers will discover movement exploration suitable for them as well as technique.

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Classes We Offer: Classes
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United We Dance


Our inclusive program for dancers with all abilities and all backgrounds. Dance is something that unites everyone and through dance, we find we are CAPABLE of anything we set our minds to!

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